Financial Aid

Mission Statement: LLTC financial aid office is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our students and the future of LLTC by utilizing the Anishinaabe Values while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Welcome to LLTC! You are on your way to achieving your educational goals. In order to ensure you have proper funding for the cost of this goal, it is important for you to plan ahead financially. There are many resources available in the form of grants and scholarships to assist you. They include federal, state, tribal, and private grants and scholarships. Click on each tab provided to determine whether you are eligible to apply. The earlier, the better in order to secure all funding you are eligible for. Should you have any questions in regards to your financial aid, please come and visit us in the Administration area. Best wishes to you on achieving your goals!


Kim Gourneau
Financial Aid Director

Kim Gourneau
Kim GourneauFinancial Aid Director
(218) 335-4204
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