Academic Success

The Office of Student Services is designed to assist you as a student to become truly successful in your college experience. As the Academic Success Counselor, my main focus is to help you develop the skills you need to navigate your college career and achieve your goals. I am here to help you stay in college by identifying your strengths and by helping you to strengthen your more challenging areas through coaching and extra support.

Students on Academic Warning and Suspension will work with me to improve their academic skills, performance, and standing to successfully complete their degrees. The primary goal of these meetings is to provide assistance, support, and tools designed to help students return to good academic standing.

Support services for students with disabilities are also coordinated through Student Services. I am available to meet with individual students to verify eligibility for services, identify their needs, and determine the appropriate support services and accommodations. Each semester students must meet to discuss the continuation of accommodations with the Academic Success Counselor and the Learning Center Director for classroom accommodations.

We have a strong desire to see you succeed. We believe in you and your potential and will do all that we can to help you achieve your goals.

Michelle Saboo
Michelle SabooAcademic Success Counselor

Tools for Academic Success

Exam Prep and Test Anxiety

Time Management and Procrastination

Reading and Note-Taking

Study Skills and Motivation

  • Improving Concentration

Stress Management

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